Building A Culture of Equity 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018-Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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A VPA-hosted, one-day event – to launch a longer-term initiative – that will help ALL Vermont students access the education they deserve and desire.

Why an Equity Initiative?
- Vermont benefits from ALL students achieving their education and career goals.
- Schools and principals are struggling under cultural and systemic barriers to equity.
- Excellence is achieved through equity.
- Everyone CARES about this issue; many are working on it.
- Chances of success are greater when we work together.

Who should come? Principals, Heads of School and CTE Directors, Assistant Principals, Curriculum and Special Education Directors
Superintendents, STUDENTS, Vermont Legislators and other policy-makers, Vermont State Board of Education, government agency and department heads involved in supporting young people, business leaders and representatives from non-profit organizations that care about education: YOU!

More info at the VPA website.

This event is partially underwritten by The Vermont Community Foundation

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